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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Eunice's New Slippers

Hi, Seeties!  I hope that everyone is having a great, simple week!  You may have noticed that it has gotten a little bit colder in the last few days, and in honor of that, my mom thought it would be a great idea to get me a new pair of slippers that she saw while she was shopping!  They are pink!  But, they don't have a back on them.  This means that you have to be extra-specially careful when you walk in them, since if you aren't, you could trip and fall on your face, and that would be bad.  So, she told me that I had to watch out when I was walking in them, and to help me remember to watch out, she put eyeballs on my slippers!  One eyeball for each foot!  Can you imagine?!  Well, you don't even have to imagine, because I put a picture here of what they look like!  And then, when I walk, the eyes move around, and when they move around they make a noise.  That means that with every step I take, I am reminded that I am watching out!  This is simply a great idea.  My mom hates getting her picture taken, otherwise I would put a picture of her on this post to show you the person with the idea.
The only thing maybe missing would be glasses for the slippers.  If the slippers had glasses, then they would match my face, except then I don't think I could walk very easily and then I'd REALLY have to watch where I was going!

My tip for you for the week is:  Watch out where you walk, and have a great week!

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